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How to Choose the Best Reading Lights

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Reading Lamp Reading is a beloved pastime that offers an escape into worlds of imagination and knowledge. The right reading lamp is an essential companion...
What are Flood Lights?

What are Flood Lights?

Flood lights are a unique kind of lighting fixture that cast a wide, powerful beam of light, illuminating a broad area. Unlike the targeted focus of spotlights, flood lights provide extensive cove...
How to hang or mount festoon lights?

How to Hang or Mount Festoon Lights?

Hanging or mounting festoon lights can add a beautiful and festive touch to your space. Here's a general guide on how to hang or mount festoon lights: Plan the Layout: Determine the desired place...
Understanding Illumination: Lighting Essentials and Their Impact

What is Illumination? Decoding Illumination: From Basics to Impact

Illumination measures light intensity on surfaces, affecting visibility and ambiance, measured in lux (lx), indicating light per area. It varies with tasks; detailed work needs more light, while re...
How to save light?

How to Save Light? Guide to Energy Savings Through Efficient Lighting

In an era focused on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, saving energy is crucial. Lighting, a major electricity consumer, offers significant savings potential. This guide covers ef...
What is Pole Mounting and How is it Used in Various Applications?

What is Pole Mounting and How is it Used in Various Applications?

Pole mounting refers to the process of installing equipment or structures on poles or posts. It involves securely attaching or mounting items to vertical supports for stability and accessibility. P...
Guide to pole mounting techniques

The Ultimate Q&A Guide to Pole Mounting Techniques

What is the Importance of Material Selection in Pole Mounting? Material selection plays a crucial role in pole mounting. It determines the durability, weight, and resistance of the pole to weather ...
What is Bulkhead Light? - TEKLED UK
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What is Bulkhead Light?

Durable, versatile, and fashion-forward, bulkhead lights are a staple in industrial and business settings. These robust lights are designed to withstand elements like vandalism, water, and dust, en...
What is IP Rating for Lighting Fixtures? - TEKLED UK

What is IP Rating for Lighting Fixtures?

Selecting the right lighting fixture for a specific environment or application involves various factors, with the Ingress Protection (IP) rating being one of the most critical. The IP rating determ...