What is Indoor Lighting?

Indoor lighting refers to any lamp, pendant, or fixture used to illuminate the interior of your house, workplace, factory, or workshop. These include the fixtures which are already installed in your home and anything else that you add to match the décor. There are three major aspects of indoor lighting; ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. An ideal layering of these three types of lighting makes up the indoor lighting for your home. It is important to note that indoor lighting fixtures are not designed to withstand weather changes such as rain or dust storms and therefore, should only be used indoors. Let us learn a little bit more about the different aspects of indoor lighting.

Types of indoor lighting

  • Ceiling Lights- The TEKLED Ceiling Lights collection offers a unique mix of traditional and modern influences. With its inspired roots, this collection combines traditional and modern style elements with the latest technology to create a new, state-of-the-art aesthetic. This collection features a variety of light fixtures, including track lighting, pendant lamps and a curated selection of wall sconces.
  • Pendant Lights-The TEKLED Pendant Lighting collection features a diversity of shapes and lighting options to help you find the perfect light for your home or business. Whether you want to add an industrial touch to the loft or update an old and worn lamp shade. Modern and traditional styles in a variety of different colours, so you can match any room.
  • Chandelier Lights- The posh TEKLED Chandelier Lighting collection offers a range of unique lighting options that include a mix of modern and vintage styles.
  • It features a variety of lighting options, including vintage, Nordic, traditional and French-inspired chandeliers.
  • Wall Lights- Brighten up any room with the unique collection of TEKLED wall lights. These functional pieces are an ideal addition to your home décor, adding perfect lighting to your farmhouse, rustic or modern aesthetic and more.
  • Downlights-The TEKLED collection of downlights brings together functionality and aesthetics. Our modern collection will substitute as an element of your interior, as well as in architectural lighting. We offer a wide variety of styles that will suit any setting.
  • LED Panel Lights-The TEKLED collection of LED Panel Lights is modern and suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Our collection of lights is the perfect complement to any farmhouse, Nordic, modern, or any commercial or residential interior. The easy-to-install fixture is suitable for almost any application.