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Are you using the right light?

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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever...” wrote the famous poet John Keats and at TEKLED, we couldn’t agree more, for it is our great pleasure to intensify the beauty and joy of homesteads, workplaces, warehouses, hotels and art galleries alike. For us, no subject is ordinary. All deserve their share of the right light.
Nonetheless, we believe in customisation and our product support experts are always eager to cater to your specific needs. And in Part I of our series on lighting that best suits your needs, we will focus on home lighting.
Nothing is right or wrong, only lighting makes it so! Let TEKLED light up your world like never before.

are you using the right light?

What is the right light for homes?

Every inhabited space is unique and so are the interiors and the decor. We have a wide range of lighting options and designs ranging from the warm, traditional and the festive to the artistic and the zany. We suggest that you go for lower colour temperatures to induce a relaxed and laid-back mood in your home lounge / choose higher colour temperatures for your home workplace setup to keep alert and active. We will discuss this in Part II of this series.

Lights for dining area

A warm white light in an elegant chandelier works equally well in an elaborate as well as a ‘less is more’ setting when it comes to lighting options for the dining area or hallway, and the living room. This evokes an atmosphere fit for relaxing after a long day of work.

are you using the right light?

Lights for the kitchen:

You can work with a variety of energy efficient options for the kitchen area. Mainly, you will need ambient general lights as the primary source of light to illuminate the space.

While such lighting effectively enables you to manoeuvre through the kitchen, in order to complete everyday tasks, you will still need focussed lighting while working. This is where task lighting comes in to satisfactorily illumine work surfaces.

The third and last kind of luminaire you can invest in is accent lighting for your cabinets or the kitchen island to accentuate and illuminate the elements you adore the most in your kitchen.

are you using the right light?

Lights for the bedroom:

Layering the lighting in the bedroom is the key to creating the right ambience fit for any time of the day and any activity at the touch of a switch.

The best kind of lighting includes a flood of natural light through windows or skylights during daytime. However, for the evening and night time, artificial lighting is imperative to be able to perform everyday tasks while keeping your eyes protected.

The kind of lighting you will need will depend on the kinds of activities you undertake in this room, such as focussed activities like reading and other activities like folding the laundry which you can do with the general ambient lighting with the help of pendant or floor lamps.

You may also make use of accent lighting to highlight features like artwork or exquisite furniture in the space. It can work to create a cosy glow and a pleasant atmosphere in the room.