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What's the ideal lighting for your home office?

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Are you using the right light?

The nature and quality of the light you choose has a direct impact on your productivity, be it day or night. 

The fixtures you use for your home office must cater to your specific needs. In Part II of our series on lighting that best suits your needs, we will focus on ideal lighting for home offices.  

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Natural and Ambient Lighting: What is the right light for home offices?

Home offices have turned from an option to a need in the present times. Given that natural light coming in from windows and skylights are not only healthy but a good source of vitamin D and ideal to fend off depression, it is recommended that the office be in a space with ample sunlight.

Apart from that natural lighting, the other important element to lighting in office spaces is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is the uniform, general lighting in a room. These are usually wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting.

TEKLED offers a wide variety of such lighting options and designs ranging from the traditional to the modern. We suggest that you choose higher colour temperatures for your workplace to keep yourself active and invigorated.

Lights for the workstation(s):

To be able to set to work effectively, it is pertinent that the right light be incorporated on your work table(s). This will depend on the nature of your work. If it is sufficient for your needs, then a desk lamp might be the ideal lighting for you. Other than that, to conjure up lighting that takes the strain away from your eyes and lets you give focussed attention to the job at hand, a floor lamp might be a better idea if your work desk lacks the space for a desk lamp. This is now easily managed in a very energy efficient manner by using LED lights. 

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What are my other options?

A workspace needs to be charged with energy and action. This is best achieved when you install cool white light sources that approximate daylight to keep you working for hours.

In case the desk lamp or floor lamp does not suffice, it is a good idea to complement the lighting by some form of overhead lighting like pendant lighting.