Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light


Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light

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Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light

Illuminate and transform any interior with the TEKLED Dual-Function Radiant LED Light. Offering an impressive 1680 lumens, this fixture doubles as an impactful ceiling light and an ambient wall sconce.

Key Features:

High Lumen Output: With 1680 lumens, it provides ample brightness for any setting.
Dual-Use Design: Can be installed as a ceiling light or a wall sconce for versatile use.
Modern Aesthetic: Its sleek design complements contemporary, minimalist, or Nordic decor.
Energy Efficient: LED technology for lower power consumption and longer life.
Easy Installation: Simple setup process, suitable for various indoor environments.

Elevate your space with the TEKLED Dual-Function Radiant LED Light, a masterful blend of form and function designed for the discerning eye. This multifaceted fixture is more than just a light source; it's a statement piece that caters to the illumination needs of contemporary living spaces, creative studios, and professional environments alike.

The TEKLED light is a beacon of versatility, offering a powerful 1680-lumen output that effortlessly transitions from a ceiling centerpiece to an ambient wall sconce. Its design is a nod to modern minimalism, with clean lines and an understated elegance that complements a variety of decor styles—from the understated sophistication of modern minimalist apartments to the dynamic energy of creative co-working spaces.

Crafted with cutting-edge LED technology, this fixture not only provides a sustainable lighting solution but also ensures that your space is bathed in a warm, inviting glow that enhances mood and productivity. Its energy-efficient nature makes it a cost-effective choice, reducing electricity bills while delivering a high-performance lighting experience.

Whether it's used to accentuate the sleek lines of an upscale lobby, cast a warm hue over the tables of a trendy café, or add a serene ambiance to a spa retreat, the TEKLED light's CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) options allow for customization to fit any mood or setting. It's also a prime selection for residential areas, where the light can adapt to the rhythm of the day—from a vibrant, daylight-fresh feel for morning routines to a softer, warmer tone that's perfect for winding down.

Installation is a breeze, making it a go-to for quick renovations and new projects. The fixture's compact dimensions ensure it fits neatly into a variety of spaces, while its robust construction promises longevity and enduring appeal. Whether highlighting the textures of a stone-clad wall in an entryway or providing task lighting in a chic, industrial-themed kitchen, this light's tiltable feature and adjustable brightness adapt to your specific needs.

For those seeking to infuse their establishments with a contemporary vibe, the TEKLED Dual-Function Light is an ideal addition. It aligns with sought-after design trends, bringing a touch of modernity to any interior. Its dual functionality is particularly appealing for creating layered lighting schemes, a popular strategy in interior design that involves combining multiple light sources to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of a space.

In conclusion, the TEKLED Dual-Function Radiant LED Light is not only a source of light but a component of style, a fixture that stands out for its adaptability and design integrity. It is a testament to the blend of innovation and aesthetics that TEKLED stands for, making it an essential element for anyone looking to enhance their environment with lighting that's both beautiful and intelligent.

Technical Specifications

Product Code 151-19777
Name Dual-Function Radiant LED Light Wall or Ceiling Light
Power 18W
Power Source Hardwired
Voltage 220/240Vac 50/60Hz
Power Factor 0.8
Lamp Holder Type Built-in LED
Protection Class Class I
Light Source SMD LED
Lumen 1680 lm
Luminous efficacy 63 lm/W
CRI >70
CCT (Kelvin) 3000/4000/6000K Warm White, Cool White, Cool Daylight 3CCT
IP Class IP20
Diffuser Material Acrylic(PMMA)
Diffuser Type Opal
Mount Type Surface Mount
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) (D x H) 600*600*65mm
Material Aluminium, Steel, PMMA, PC
Product Colour Black
Paint Type Powder Coating
Function Mode 3 CCT
Light Colour Control 3 CCT
Physical switch Physical switch for CCT
Driver Type CC Driver
Driver Power 12+18W
Driver Input Voltage 220-240V
Surge Protection Level 2.5kV
Operating Temperature (°C) -20/+45 C
Energy Rating G (new energy rating)
Warranty 3y
Life Span 20000h
Box Dimension (L x W x H) 630*630*90mm
Net Weight 670g
Gross Weight 1800g
Box Content 1 Led Wall Light, 1 User Manual, 1 Parts kit
Pieces/Box 1
Certifications CE, UKCA