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What is a Table(desk) Lamp?

In the simplest terms, a table lamp is a source of light that stands on a table or more generally, any piece of furniture. It serves as one of the easiest lighting solutions and works as a task light as well as an ambient light source. In recent years, they have become an essential part of any décor. With the ideal bulb, shape, shade and colour, modern table lamps can work as a source of direct or diffused light to elevate the ambience of your home. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, shades and colours. They can range from tall and decorative ones to short and functional ones. They also vary in brightness such as bright lamps can be used to enliven the space or dim light lamps can provide discreet illumination and ambience to your room. Before you incorporate table lamps into your lighting design, let’s learn more about them.

What Do Table Lamps Do?

As we have discussed above, table lamps can work as task lighting as well as ambient lighting. With a variety of shades, materials and colours available, table lamps can be used as decorative lights in the house and can serve as standalone decorative pieces as well. The major reason for the popularity of table lamps is their portability. They offer convenience and can be moved from one room to another without much hassle. They are very easy to use since you don’t need an electrician to install anything. All you have to do is buy one and place it in your desired space. These come with a convenient cord and plug. Modern table lamps also have wireless options, further eliminating the need for wires, cords and plugs.

Table lamps are a great addition to your décor as they not only eliminate the mundane but also add unique texture to the place they illuminate. They are ideal to be used as reading light because of the focused light that they emit. The minimised glare helps reduce eye strain while reading. It is safe to say that table lamps have been a very versatile addition to indoor lighting and with the right bulbs can serve multiple purposes.

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How are table lamps used?

Although it can also be employed as a decorative element in your house or business, its main function is to offer light when you need it. Table lamps are useful for lighting, but they can also be stunning aesthetic accents that give your room a sense of class. The best position for your lamp to illuminate your entire desk is above and behind your screen, aiming downward to illuminate the entire surface without creating an uncomfortable glare from the screen.

Desk lamps or study lamps are used for specialised tasks including reading, studying, and computer work; their functionality as task lighting is more constrained. If not elsewhere in the house, they are frequently set on the side tables of the bed. They not only provide reading light but also evening luminosity. For instance, they can be conveniently positioned on counters in drawing rooms that are intended for buffets or as a drink stands. Reading lamps have been fashionable for a long time, and you can use them in a myriad of ways.

What are the features of a Table Lamp?

Apart from serving their primary purpose of general illumination, table lamps possess several other features that make them a household favourite fixture. They are often placed on the bedside table as reading light or as a nighttime luminescent. Their design also ensures that the lamp only illuminates a certain area. This is an excellent feature for two reasons. It allows for the fixture to emit focused illumination thus making it a great task light for reading or writing. Secondly, it makes table lamps a perfect night light because it is less invasive. This way, if someone needs to get up at night, they can switch it on without disturbing the other person in the room. If fitted with a dim bulb, you can also keep it on all night without it affecting your sleep while also illuminating your bedroom softly.

What is the Importance of a Table Lamp?

It is always the small things that make a huge difference and table lamps are no exception. They might be a small fixture but their addition can do wonders for your décor, yielding long-lasting effects of varying natures. They can be used for their basic purpose of illuminating a room but within that scope also, you have options to make use of them in a variety of ways. You can simply put them over a piece of furniture as a small reading light or can place them along an art piece to highlight its beauty. You can also use them as decorative pieces as modern table lamps come with gorgeous designs and can easily become the focal point of an otherwise simply decorated room. Table lamps can be an efficient and gorgeous light source for contemporary spaces.

How Should a Table Lamp Be?

Before you go shopping for a lamp, be sure you know exactly what it will be used for. Determine the location of the table lamp and mark the precise height at which it will be positioned as well as the distance from the bed, couch, or comfortable chair next to it. Additionally, you might not require a lamp as bright as the one on the side table in the living room for your bedroom table!

The space it sits in and the surrounding décor are more important factors in determining the height of the table lamp you choose. It goes without saying that a shorter light will work if your bedside table is tall and vice versa. The general rule is to choose a lamp so that while you are seated or resting, the bottom of the shade is at eye level. This is applicable whether you're looking for a table lamp for your reading nook, a bedside lamp, or even a lamp for the space next to the couch in the living room.

The size of the lamp shade is another consideration that must be addressed while looking for a table lamp. Do not let the style and pattern of the shade be your only attractive factor; also take into account the ergonomics and shade's proportions to the lamp's body. The drum shade is undoubtedly the safest option available, and its diameter should be at least 2 inches less than the length of its body.

What are the Bulb Types Used in Table Lamp?

The versatility of a table lamp allows it to have designs that can fit different types of bulbs with different effects. Let’s learn a little more about the various bulbs which are generally preferred when it comes to table lamps.


Incandescent bulbs are the original form of electric lighting and have been around for over 100 years. They work by incandescence which simply put, means that these bulbs produce light by heating the filament when electric current is passed through. Because of their traditional process, these lights are almost obsolete now. They might cost less than modern bulbs, but they use a lot of energy to produce light and hence, cost you a lot on energy bills. However, incandescent bulbs are still a popular choice when it comes to portable lighting such as table lamps. They are also popular because of their warm glow and vintage aesthetics.


Halogen bulbs are incandescent bulbs which contain halogen gas. It produces a brighter and whiter light than traditional incandescent bulbs and also has an expected lifespan that is twice that of regular incandescent bulbs. However, they are slightly more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs and also tend to run hot which means that they emit a lot of heat. While these bulbs can be used for table lamps which are only serving decorative purposes, using halogen bulbs for lamps which have been kept specifically for reading or other tasks, can be very uncomfortable.


Fluorescent bulbs are better than halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs as they use only 20-30% of energy of the former but last 10 times longer than them, making them a better, more efficient option for your lamps. They also are compact in size and have good lumen maintenance. Fluorescent bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, have a low operating cost and radiate less heat than incandescent bulbs. They create a better, more comfortable environment for you and you can also find dimmable options in them.


While halogen and fluorescent table lamps have their own aesthetic, if you are searching for a modern, cost-effective table lamp that will last longer while not sacrificing on its performance, an LED table lamp is your ideal choice. It has the ability to fulfil all your needs and then some. Unlike halogen and fluorescent bulbs, it does not generate a lot of heat and helps create a very comfortable and desirable environment. It also helps increase visual accuracy by providing brighter and clearer light in one direction. You can get dimmable options when it comes to LED lamps with high durability. Most of the integrated LED desk lamps allow users to adjust the brightness and also the temperature of the light too, hence you can choose a warm light for reading a book and a cool daylight for studying and a natural cool light for daily use on your desk. Most LED lamps are designed with flexible and adjustable necks making it easier for you to change the direction, height and point of lighting as per your needs.

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What are the Advantages of Using Table Lamp?

In this article, we have talked about the various aspects of a table lamp and how it can be the perfect addition to your indoor lighting arsenal. But if you are still not convinced that you should buy a table lamp for your bedroom, let us take through some of the major advantages of getting one.

Soft or mellow lighting: Most of table lamps come with a soft or mellow light that is not too bright or harsh on the eyes. This makes them an ideal choice for night time when you wish to read a book or write something in a relaxed way with just enough light which is not too straining on the eyes. They can also be put up in children’s rooms to be kept on all night without disturbing their sleep.

Easy access: A table lamp on your bedside stand is an easy access light source for you. They come with convenient plugs and cords and can be switched on or off by just an extension of your arm. Imagine not having to wake up and walk across the room to simply switch off a light! Now imagine doing that while you are sleepy! Table lamps make this transition from reading to sleeping so effortless, they are a must have in your bedroom.

Illuminates a certain area: With its focused lighting, a table lamp helps you get things done without disturbing anyone else in the room. Also, having your activity area illuminated while everything else around the room is dark certainly helps you focus better on your work.

Decorative element: Adding a table lamp to a room is surely going to elevate its aesthetics to the next level. In combination with the ceiling lights, they create a perfect harmony with the furniture in the room. Designer table lamps can also serve as a decorative piece even when switched off.