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What is Decorative Lighting?

Any lighting fixture that is decorative in nature can be referred to as decorative lighting. The definition encompasses all the traditional kinds of light fittings such as chandeliers, pendants or floor lamps. They are different from technical or architectural lighting as their purpose is that of illumination as well as decoration. These can be used as general lighting and ambient lighting as well. While most decorative lighting are hardwired or plugged into an outlet, some also come as battery operated or solar powered. These are used to compliment your home interior and need careful consideration to match the colour, designs and other elements of your home décor.

What are the Features of Decorative Lighting?

Decorative lighting is a way to enhance the beauty of any indoor or outdoor space. Earlier, decorative lighting was limited to be used only during the holidays or special occasions such as parties. However, today, more people are investing in installing decorative lighting to be used throughout the year. Modern homeowners want their living spaces to reflect their own particular style and decorative lighting is a great way to do it. Decorative lighting is all about creating the mood and the ambience of a room. For example, you can use spotlights to highlight certain things such as a painting in your room which then becomes the focal point for it. Decorative fixtures can be used indoors or outdoors given that the right kind of fixtures are used for it.

What is Decorative Lighting

What are the Types of Decorative Lighting?

Decorative fixtures can function as ambient, accent or task lighting. There are no particular differences other than the purpose and the usage of the fixtures. For example, a desk lamp can be used as a decorative piece but more often than not, it is used as a night light or a task light for bedside reading. A well-designed room has layers of lighting that cover all three lighting needs; however, only the ones which are solely installed for decorative purposes can be termed as decorative fixtures. Let us learn more about some of the major types of decorative fixtures.

Light Kit Ceiling Fans

Branded as a very innovative design, a ceiling fan light kit is exactly what it sounds like. It is a set of electrical and non–electrical components that allow a ceiling fan to function as a lighting fixture as well. It is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for an easy way to cool and light a room simultaneously. The right kit has the potential to subtly enhance or accent your existing décor with a functional room lighting. It adds the extra decorative touch that really makes the room come together. It goes without saying that before selecting the right kit, you need to consider certain factors such as the room it will be installed in. High traffic areas or areas which require special task lighting such as the kitchen or the hallway, will need a brighter light unlike the bedroom or the bathroom where these lights can be used as mere decorative pieces. There are varieties of kits available for you to choose from depending on the overall design of your home.


A very popular piece of decorative lighting, chandeliers are a type of suspended lights designed to be mounted on ceilings in order to distribute even illumination in the area. These are generally branched and multi–armed to hold a number of bulbs. While traditionally, chandeliers were meant to hold candles, as evident from the literal meaning of the term itself, modern chandeliers use ornate bulbs. The fixture does not only illuminate the room but also provides an aesthetic appeal to it. Modern chandeliers come in various designs such as crystal, rustic, flush, glass shades, among others. While a good chandelier can be very expensive, it is also considered as money well spent. More often than not, they complete the desired look for your home and are very durable if installed properly by professionals. It is advisable to ensure that the product you choose is made from a strong and sturdy material.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is another widely popular example of decorative lighting. These refer to the ceiling lights which suspend from the ceiling. Pendant lights have been around for a long time and it is highly unlikely for them to go out of fashion anytime soon. They are mainly used as task lights crafted with an aesthetic flair. They create a warm and comfortable atmosphere while also making a statement about your home. Pendant lights come in different shapes, sizes as well as materials and depending on your style, décor and need, it is very much possible to find the ideal pendant to give you the exactly desired effect.

What is Decorative Lighting

Wall Sconces(applique)

A wall sconce(applique) is a type of light that is installed on a wall surface and is operated through a wall switch. They are the ideal fixtures for places such as the hallway or staircases and also work well as spotlights to highlight architectural details of your home such as the fireplace or paintings. Installing them near hallways or staircase also provides a safety element to the illumination along with style. Available in nearly endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finish, wall sconces are perfect to add a little sparkle in smaller as well as larger rooms. Wall sconces can also furnish ambient, task and accent lighting equally.

Table Lamps

Simply understood, a table lamp is a source of light that stands on a table, nightstand or any other piece of furniture. It is not only an easy lighting solution but also serves as a simple yet significant piece of decoration. Apart from working as a reading light, they also function as a nighttime luminescence. Table lamps are very convenient to operate and do not cast light on a large area. Instead, they only illuminate a certain area which is why they are a great lighting source during nights. You can navigate your way or silently read a book in bed without disturbing anyone else present in the room. Table lamps with dimmable bulbs can also be kept on all night. Along with its practical purposes, it can function efficiently as a decorative element in the room as well. When complimented with the ambient lighting of a room, they can create a very desirable ambience in the room. With options such as antique, rustic, contemporary to choose from, they can really enhance the look of your furniture and become a centre point of talking amongst your guests.

Floor Lamps

Another versatile fixture in the lamp family, floor lamps are a must have for any kind of home décor. These are tall standing lamps designed to stand on the floor and cast higher lights in the room. Traditionally, floor lamps have been a common way to provide strong lighting in the room. They also function as task lights or reading lights. They are often placed in the corners to light it up or behind sofas to function as a reading lamp. Lately, they have acquired an element of aesthetic as well. More people are using floor lamps for the sole purpose of accenting the décor. With modern floor lamps available in beautiful materials such as fabrics shaped as drums and globes, these can really help you get the classic boho look or contemporary Scandinavian look inside your home.